The Ambrose Stories

A dark fantasy set in an imaginary medieval world.

The Cup of the World and its sequels

“The sorcery is in the writing, conjuring visions of fields and woods, lakes, mountains, rural manors and massive strongholds, the views glimpsed through windows in medieval paintings, haunted by the monstrous creatures of Hieronymus Bosch…”

   Jan Mark in The Guardian

“These are the strangest novels I’ve come across since William Morris’s fairytales; gripping yet dreamlike, frustrating yet marvellously suggestive.”

 Amanda Craig in The Times

These three novels can be read independently, but together they form a sequence. They tell the story of the rise of a young king in a troubled land.


“The medieval setting for the sometimes fearsome fantasy is beautifully evoked through vivid descriptive passages…”

Guardian Education

“…effectively uses every one of its pages, spinning a delicately interconnected tale that gratifies on multiple levels and forming a luminous and memorable high fantasy story”

The Bulletin

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The writer only tells the story. It’s the reader who brings it to life.