The Return of Corozin

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When Good and Evil wear the same face…


The cliffhanger ending of The Peculiar Friend sets up the action for Book Four. How does Charlie find the real Sally? How does Sally find the real Charlie? How do you learn who your friend really is, when all you know is who you think they are?

Featuring Hellfire, hockeysticks, Cupid and the sinister tread of the Archfiend Corozin.

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The series Muddle and Win

Muddle and Win is a light-hearted romp through Heaven, Hell and the Human Mind. It’s the age-old story of the struggle between Good and Evil, played out in the mind of a fourteen-year old. And all the highest things, and the lowest too, may tremble because of something very small and simple.  Like an undercooked muffin.

“It’s witty, it’s funny, it’s beautifully written, and it’s full of characters such as you’d meet almost nowhere else.“

Sue Purkiss, author and blogger
Battle for Sally Jones


“It would be possible to read the story as a jolly romp, but the thoughtful reader will find layers and layers of meaning beyond that.“

The Bookbag
Attack of the Cupids


 “…inspired silliness. Pitchforks and furnaces? Check. Fluffy wings and heavenly choirs? Check. But don't be fooled. Mr Dickinson doesn't go easy on his readers….”

The Bookbag
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