The Peculiar Friend

A Muddle and Win Novel – Book 3 (coming soon)

There was a girl called Sally Jones.

There was a good reason for this.

First there was the event which, according to our theories about how everything starts and finishes, we call the Big Bang…

Why would anyone volunteer to be a Guardian Angel? Mishamh is a young hopeful from Heaven, who soon finds that the mind of his obsessive computer-game playing ward Charlie is a more complicated place than he thought it would be.  For one thing, Good and Evil wear identical faces.  For another, neither can seem to muster the energy to get up off the floor.

Meanwhile tensions are rising in the Jones household.  Billie has landed a big part in the school play –Doctor Faustus. Shades the Cat is sick. And Sally, faced with an unbearable crisis at home, turns to the only friend she has left – Muddlespot, the very devil whose task it is to see she is dragged down to Hell.

This time, she seems more than ready to go.

The third Muddle and Win novel.  Coming soon.

The series Muddle and Win

Muddle and Win is a light-hearted romp through Heaven, Hell and the Human Mind. It’s the age-old story of the struggle between Good and Evil, played out in the mind of a fourteen-year old. And all the highest things, and the lowest too, may tremble because of something very small and simple.  Like an undercooked muffin.

“It’s witty, it’s funny, it’s beautifully written, and it’s full of characters such as you’d meet almost nowhere else.“

Sue Purkiss, author and blogger
Battle for Sally Jones


“It would be possible to read the story as a jolly romp, but the thoughtful reader will find layers and layers of meaning beyond that.“

The Bookbag
Attack of the Cupids


 “…inspired silliness. Pitchforks and furnaces? Check. Fluffy wings and heavenly choirs? Check. But don't be fooled. Mr Dickinson doesn't go easy on his readers….”

The Bookbag
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