Attack of the Cupids

A Muddle and Win Novel – Book 2

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“It would be possible to read the story as a jolly romp, but the thoughtful reader will find layers and layers of meaning beyond that.“

The Bookbag

There’s just one thing angels and devils agree on. Cupids are Trouble. When they make Sally’s sister Billie fall for the hottest boy in town, Trouble’s what Sally gets. Suddenly things aren’t black or white any more. They’re outrageously, shockingly pink!

For once Sally’s devil Muddlespot and her angel Windelberry are on the same side. Yet how can they overcome the power of the Angel of Love, and her entire cupid army?

With trickery, disguise, deceit, toadburgers and hockey to the death.

Oh, and the End of the World too.

What is Love? Love is the reason things happen when they shouldn’t. If the aim of Heaven is to get everyone to Heaven and sit there in neat rows, and the aim of Hell is to get everyone to Hell to be toasted in neat rows, what is the aim of Love? Does it have an aim at all?

Well yes,it has. Its aim is really very good. It’s what happens after it scores a hit that’s messy.

And maybe there’s a reason for that.

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The series Muddle and Win

Muddle and Win is a light-hearted romp through Heaven, Hell and the Human Mind. It’s the age-old story of the struggle between Good and Evil, played out in the mind of a fourteen-year old. And all the highest things, and the lowest too, may tremble because of something very small and simple.  Like an undercooked muffin.