The writer only tells the story. It’s the reader who brings it to life.

“glowing rich and unforgettable”

“The sorcery is in the writing, conjuring visions of fields and woods, lakes, mountains, rural manors and massive strongholds, the views glimpsed through windows in medieval paintings, haunted by the monstrous creatures of Hieronymus Bosch…”

The Guardian

Fantastic Stories

When you read a story, you build it in your mind. I can suggest the characters, the settings and the situations to you. But it’s you who hears the voices, feels the emotions, and fills in all the details that I don’t have space to write down for you. You’re the one who makes the story happen.

Stories are like mirrors

Talk to another reader, and yes, they will have read the same story. But for them it was slightly different. Or come back to it again yourself, some time after you first read it. You will see things you didn’t before. That’s not because the words have changed, but because you have. Stories are like mirrors in a way. The reflect ourselves, and the world we see around us.


Some say that short stories are the purest form of writing.  I don’t know.  But I’ve had the great luck to publish a number, and they were fun to do.  Better still, I was able to work with some very talented artists and together we did… well, you’ll see.  On these pages there are ghost stories, fairy stories and creepy-funny stories, all free and for you to enjoy.



Stories, stories …

Stories of love and loss and laughter.  Of secrets uncovered, of power and intrigue, hope and betrayal. Here you walk in castles, in classrooms, and on the coldest of moons.  Here you will drink with devils.  Here you will dance with fate.

Muddle and Win

The Muddle and Win novels take you on a romp through Heaven, Hell and the Human Mind. Featuring one angel, one devil and one smart 14-year old. Also some very dangerous cupids...

The Ambrose Stories

A series of three fantasy novels set in an isolated medieval kingdom that is haunted by its past. These are stories of love, fate, darkness and courage - as all good fantasy should be.

The Lightstep

Set in Germany during the French Revolution, The Lightstep is a story of intrigue, espionage, romance and the corruption of ideals.


WE is set in the near future, on the loneliest, coldest and most distant moon in our solar system. It is the only place left where it is possible to see what humanity has become.

Red Jack

A small kingdom is in the grip of a merciless tyrant.  Young Christine Herzing is determined to defy him.  Yet the streets are full of his soldiers and the shadows are full of his spies.

Short stories

A few of my short stories, with lovely illustrations, free and in full for you to read online. 

My short stories

The writer only tells the story. It’s the reader who brings it to life.